Night Train

Simple TempleSunday turned out to be a difficult one to see any of Bangkok. I was really looking forward to the train ride towards Chiang Mai but had some time left in the central city, but the community, on this specific Sunday, was preparing for next weeks coronation ceremony, crowning the new king who will parade around, wave and be officially welcomed. The preparation meant closed streets, all of the sites (read: temples) being closed by noon and limited options for traveling effectively across the town. I walked from my hostel, carrying my pack, stopping for lunch and taking pictures of all the military members waiting for their signal.

Monk Photographer8A5E1CD7-9511-41F1-80EE-A2252590E332After walking for miles around the city, taking a water taxi through canals and visiting the giant ‘Central World’ shopping center, I attempted to follow directions towards the train station, but the Australians who told me where to get off (below) were way off, so I took a tuktuk back across town.Bangkok Boat CanalNow it’s 4am, I’m laying in a top bunk of a railway train headed north.Train luggage

  Sarah, a UK woman and fellow traveler I met at the train station said I didn’t have much to look forward to as its difficult to sleep and a top bunk means I’ll be in for a roller coaster ride. I thought ‘no way’, this will be great, I never get to take a real train ride, let alone a sleeper train. I actually fell asleep right away after a small meal of peppered chicken, cold French fries and pineapple slices. But now, as I lay here listening to the rattling of the train cars, I admit she wasn’t far off. I only almost fell out of the bunk once so far, but there are bathrooms and all the people are quiet. The green, leaf designed curtains struggle to keep out the blaring light of the car, but it’s only a few more hours to Chiang Mai.Green Train 4550AC15-B3F1-45A0-8C22-2280303789A5 33CEF26A-9257-4521-B0CE-4CF410526ED8 72336621-94A8-4B7A-B23D-44DEE6F8C370 0B5471D2-05BC-46D3-95C1-7FC14ECE61F5

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