Asian Food

Book a flight. Move out. Visit friends. Make it to the airport. The travel to Thailand has finally begun. I haven’t traveled outside of the US in two years but it feels much longer. Do you know that feeling when you’re about to see a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, and you get that specific butterfly flutter in your stomach? I don’t mean a friend you saw last year, I’m talking about the one you haven’t seen in 5 years, the one you used to eat breakfast with everyday and now you don’t know how they take their coffee. That moment when you feel them walking around the corner and you aren’t sure if you’ll recognize them? That’s the energy I’ve been carrying with me toward this admittedly random, shotgun trip to Bangkok. Unknowing of what the days ahead hold, not knowing if I’ll recognize in myself the emotions of seeing new things every minute of everyday for a while. It’s like relearning your friends new ways of life, but it’s about yourself, about a country. I’m nervous about discovering, opening and realizing. Now I’m waiting at LAX for my Eastern China Air flight, destined for Shanghai and ultimately on to another one of the busiest cities in the world. I arrive at 1:05 am and have been stressing about what to do when I land. No hotel booked, a few hostels researched and an endless, priceless supply of suggestions from friends on where to go, how to spend my 15 days and things not to be missed (Thanks again Ashley, Josh, Chris and Hanje).

LAX walk around     I’m busy walking around LAX, preparing for my first flight, 13+ hours of podcasts, sleeping, sitting, thinking, writing and anxiously dreaming of my first (real) trip to Asia. It’s lunch time, and avoiding Asian food in this airport is similar to avoiding dengue fever in the rainforest, near impossible. Bahn Mi it is. Something fried might hold me over?Passport and Baht

   Today is my mom’s 64th birthday, so I feel guilty to not be at home, sharing meals and spending time with her, but her friends are celebrating the day, and I will be with her in Kauai soon to continue the much deserved celebrations!

Will send photos.


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