The Pack

It was a process, loading all of this gear into a few small spaces. It didn’t help that I was carrying double the camping equipment (Nic needed some extra) and some extra camera gear along with me. All of this:

All of the gear I'm taking to South America

All of the gear I’m taking to South America

Fit into one large, and one small backpack, and so far it’s fitting pretty tight, going to weigh a lot, and I have a lump on my right shoulder (on my collar bone) that is starting to ache, and creating backpack carrying issues. We’ll see how that unfolds as I go. Only about 24 hours now until my flight leaves DIA to head south and I’m going over and over my equipment to make sure I brought enough.

I also can’t help but wonder what to begin shooting first. If we don’t begin shooting early and often we may miss our story completely and have to come up with a new plan. It will be important to get a lay of the land and acquainted (more so myself than Nic) with Ecuador, but I don’t want to waste too much time looking with my eyes if I could be capturing it with my camera. Hopefully I can share more very soon. For now, I’m off to breakfast.

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