Shootings in Airports


The last words most people said to me were “Be careful” during my travels, “Take care of yourself.” Then I started thinking about the shooting at LAX a few days ago. I was told today that the really dangerous ones are in the US. She wasn’t talking about shootings; all shootings a dangerous. She was talking about the people. I’m sitting in DIA waiting for my flight to Houston, where I’ll catch a flight towards Quito. As I looked at my ticket and itinerary it read:



And the way it laid on the page, the blank white space, after UIO left me feeling nervous. It made me realize that I get to fill in that space with my own text, my own colors, my own story. I will meet hundreds of people, most of whom will appreciate our meeting, others who won’t care, but the interesting part is I won’t be shot in this airport. I’ll travel on my own volition without the interference that those people at LAX faced, and I will be leaving behind the most dangerous part of my journey, an American Airport. As I fill my white blank space I’ll remember to keep my wits about me, pay attention, but also to relax. It’s the ones I’m leaving behind that need to stay safe, that’s what makes me truly nervous. I may be in a safer place than you.

See you in Quito.

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