Bano en Banos

imageI had to pee really bad when we arrived here. It was a coincidence, and had a lot to do with the 4 hours of transportation by bus we endured earlier. We woke up in Quito this morning, repacked our bags, went to the ATM and walked to the bus stop our hostal keeper suggested. It all worked out as we arrived at the “big” bus stop and got on the tour bus within 5 minutes.

After chatting with the 2 Netherlandians on the bus about travel and where they have been, we found some common ground and learned some tips about travel time and fun cities to visit in both Peru and Chile.

The bus ride dropped us into a wonderful valley, shrouded in the glory of a huge, and erupting, volcano. It turns out Banos is right at the bottom of that erupting volcano. After asking the hostal keeper in Banos, we figured out the name of the volcano (and more importantly how to spell it!) – Tungurahua.

We are going to grab some food and take a quick hike up to “Virgin Mirador”. Hopefully out of the way of the volcanic lava…

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