It begins on a Sunday

It’s happening, I’ve packed my bags, kissed my family and now I begin traveling to Ecuador for what I’ve built up in my mind as the best option for me this winter. I will be traveling for 10 hours to Quito, where I’ll meet up with my good friend, Nic Tapia, who has been traveling both with friends and alone for over 3 months by the time I arrive. Here is a pic of Nic and I a few months ago, but you get the idea:

Anchorage 2012 CD Release Party

Celebrating at the Anchorage 2012 CD release party at Hodi’s Halfnote

Other than the basic plans we have set, including climbing Cotopaxi, Ecuador’s second tallest volcano; and seeing the Mama Negra festival in Latacunga, we are flying by the seat of our pants. Our original plan was to begin the process of filming a documentary, but as I consider what we could encounter along the way I have no idea how we will return, and what we will be carrying. Follow along here at or subscribe to this page by adding it to your bookmarks! I’ll also post on Facebook and you can share individual posts as well!

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